Forget the Old Drive-Thru Process You Once Knew

You'll love our drive-thru Mexican food in El Paso, TX

Tired of screaming over street noise into a crackling speaker to place a drive-thru order? Yeah, we thought so. Taco Avocat has changed up the drive-thru service game with our self-ordering kiosks. Gone are the days of wrong orders simply because an employee couldn't hear you. Getting drive-thru Mexican food has never been easier.

Stop by Taco Avocat in El Paso, TX today to see how we've improved drive-thru service.

Why self-ordering kiosks?

You may be wondering why we changed the normal drive-thru system. Let us explain; self-ordering kiosks...

  • Reduce the risk of error, meaning better, faster service
  • Make drive-thrus more accessible for those with hearing disabilities
  • Allow customers to pay on the spot, making the line less clogged

If needed, we always have cashiers available to help you. Come to our drive-thru Mexican restaurant in El Paso, TX soon for excellent, accurate service.